30 November 2012

Bye Bye Movember.

November has been a bit of a gruelling month. Trudging from shite house to shite house in an attempt to find my perfect first home has taken its toll. However, looking at all the lovely mos in London town has put a bit of perspective on my problems. Yes Movember seemed bigger than ever this year and while I am not a huge fan of facial hair, I was happy to see so many people taking part. The bf did not partake as he can't have facial hair for work but we supported the cause in other ways. 

One way I failed to support the cause was by wearing some cool mo-inspired Nail Rock wraps. I don't know if any of you have successfully stuck these wraps to your nails but I ended up with a horrific mess. Maybe I'm not patient enough for this sort of thing. I kind of whacked the thing on and tried to iron out the kinks. So didn't work. 

I had to put another picture of these on just to show how crap they were. The jagged edge is particularly comical as I spent about ten minutes trying to file it into shape. My nails would've looked so good if they had worked out :(

My mo worked out quite well! 

So it's bye bye Movember, hello December. The cold weather has already started and I am preparing for crazy shopping crowds, long work hours and plenty of hot chocolate to see me through. 

Donate to the Movember cause here.

29 November 2012

Dorset Dreaming

When I moved to Manchester for uni my mum packed up her life in London for the clean air of Dorset. Now I'm a London gal through and through but there is something refreshing about a brisk Autumnal walk in the country. 

After a cosy pub lunch with my mum and dad in the New Forest we headed to the coast to see how far we could see. Standing on the cliff tops we could see the Isle of Wight as clear as day. I have fond memories of that little island. Most notably my year six trip where we collected coloured sand (which I have since found out is not really coloured - worse than learning Santa's little secret), blocked b&b toilets, smuggled in a year's worth of Wotsits (including BBQ beef and prawn cocktail flavour), fell in love, surfed  attempted to surf, sang some Spice Girls, and visited the now half dead Black Gang Chine. Ahhh to be 10 again. 

Worst memory of the Isle of Wight is my dad making me cycle around the whole thing on a bike that was won with a can of 7Up. This isn't even a joke; it had the 7Up logo and everything. Since this experience I have barely sat on a bike. It got so bad that at one point I was walking the thing downhill as well as up. I think I even tried to hitch a ride. Thankfully there was a McDonald's at the end of it all - the strawberry milkshake helped the lactic acid that had built up in my little legs. 

No nightmare trips this time around. The little walk on the cliffs was perfect. When I say walk, we literally got out of the car and walked to the edge of the cliff. It was certainly not a strenuous trip. But I do like looking out at the world and wondering how I fit in (I don't recommend this, you will feel insignificant). 

Look! Mushrooms! Actual mushrooms! Growing in the ground. Well I never. Seriously, you can take the girl out of London....

28 November 2012

Topshop Make Up Splurge

After blogging about my lack of pink lipsticks I went a little bit crazy in Topshop. Not content with one pink lipstick I decided to add three to my collection. Oh and while I was at it, in went a lip liner, a nail polish, and two nail art pens. At least I got a free Louise Gray mirror!

I have a few Topshop nail polishes and I find they apply well. Two coats work best as the first can look a little streaky. This time I went for 'Threadbare', a simple grey/taupe colour. It actually applied much better than I thought as I tend to have trouble with pale colours. I put my artistic skills to the test with the white nail art pen. I haven't tried nail art before so I went for simple polka dots. I fear I may not ever be able to do anything more intricate so it's a good job I like dots. 

OK, onto the lipsticks. I put little to no thought in the lipsticks I purchased and therefore ended up with two brights and one soft pink. These pics don't really do the lipsticks justice. 'Legend' is the Louise Gray lippie and it is neon pink. Think pink highlighter and you have the right colour. 'All About Me' is also very bright. It's not quite so garish but it is pretty out there. In the pics above I smushed the colour into my lips a bit so they look more muted. 'Innocent' is quite a cute pink, not a colour that I have gone for before. I have worn it more than I thought so it has become a bit of an everydayer.

I think I am all make-upped out for this season but if I do get any more little bits I will obvs let you know.

25 November 2012

I Heart RE-Found Objects

Those of you that know me well will know that I am a bit of a hoarder. I love a trinket or two, especially something kitsch. When I came across RE in Liberty I fell a little bit in love. A Mexican travel altar for £3.50 you say? In neon yellow with neon pink stitching? I'll take two. A last supper tea towel? For £5.50? Done. 

Mexican Travel Altar £3.50

I am not a religious person but I do love a bit of Catholic imagery. Does this make me blasphemous? I'm not sure. One thing I am sure of is that I love this little travel altar. I love the idea behind it; a little altar that you can pop in your pocket for emergency prayer sessions. Cute as a button. 

Assorted Notebooks £3.00 each

Not only am I a sucker for useless bits 'n' bobs I am obsessed with stationery. Notebooks are a particular weakness of mine. RE produces some cool notebooks with monochrome designs on the front cover with bright pages. I bought these three as I really liked the designs. 

Hand Painted Tin Cans from £11.50*

More religious imagery on these painted tin cans. Again, I like the idea that even with the most mundane of objects you can create a beautiful piece of art. I haven't purchased any of these cans yet as I thought I may be able to make them myself. This might be wishful thinking. It will end up like that old woman who painted over the Jesus fresco (if you're unsure what I'm referring too, read this). If I give it a go, I'll give you a sneak peek. 

Day of the Dead Papier Mache Skulls from £38.00*

I love Halloween but Mexico's Day of the Dead is super cool. It is so much fun and gives everyone an excuse to drink Margaritas. When I have my own home I am going to buy tons of these skulls (or make my own) to have a real Day of the Dead celebration. 

I also bought some little charms for 50p a piece which I will show you at a later date. Cue DIY bracelet post. They also have some really cool home pieces like old school tapestry cushions, coloured pressed glasses and vintage cake stands. A new favourite place for me to buy homewares. 

*Photos from RE website

22 November 2012

First of the Xmas Party Outfits

Lace Cropped Top, H&M; Box Clutch, ASOS; Studded Boots, Primark; Pink Pleather Skirt, H&M

The party season is upon us. Just as we are falling like flies to the common cold. Perfect timing. I probably won't go to all that many Christmas parties but I love an excuse to buy new clothes. I couldn't resist this pretty pink pleather skater skirt from H&M. I'm not sure why but I'm into skirts at the moment; skirts that are a little bit different paired with a plain tee. Although, when it comes to a party, a plain tee just won't do so I had to buy this long sleeved lace crop top. Obvs! I will be mixing with a cute box clutch so as to keep all my valuables handy and some boots so that I can last all night. 

I have already seen the next skirt I want from H&M. A little white feathery number. I need to stop going in there after work. No doubt I will purchase it and give you a peek later in the month. 

18 November 2012

Jamaican Me Crazy!

Living with a chef has its perks. The best thing is that he can make something out of anything. After whipping up a tasty mac 'n' cheese (my favourite) the bf got to work on dessert. Impossible, I thought, as we had nothing in the cupboards. This is why I am not a chef - I have no culinary vision. 

After about five minutes dessert was served. Jamaica Ginger cake with cooked apple and a crème Anglais. It was so good I almost cried! After seeing numerous estate agents and crappy houses I really needed some good comfort food and this was perfect. Thanks to the bf for being such a kitchen genius. 

14 November 2012

Who the f**k is Margiela?

"I've never denied how influenced I am by Margiela or by Rei Kawakubo, those are people that inspire my work. I don't hide that... Everyone is influenced by Comme des Garçons and by Martin Margiela. Anybody who's aware of what life is in a contemporary world is influenced by those designers." - Marc Jacobs

Walking down Great Marlborough street this evening I spied a massive queue snaking round to the doors of H&M Regent Street. Something was afoot. Ah, how could I forget that Margiela's collaboration was launching in the UK tomorrow? While snapping the windows like a tourist I overheard a brash American holler "who the fuck is Margiela?" Although I chuckled to myself, it's not actually a bad question. Margiela is fashion's invisible man, notorious for not giving interviews or having his picture taken. I for one have never seen the man that has influenced so many designers and, until recently, had not given much thought to his brand. 

Margiela is the master of simplicity. His pattern cutting is clean but exciting with oversized key pieces each season. Whilst I probably won't be hotfooting it down to H&M in the morning to grab me a slice of fashion history, I do love these high-street/high-end collaborations. They make luxury fashion more accessible for those who would love to buy it but cannot usually afford to whilst also introducing lesser-known designers to a whole new audience. 

If anybody fancies queuing on my behalf, please grab me these invisible wedge ankle boots. You have my word that I will repay you as soon as I win the Euromillions. Thanks!x

*Shop Margiela mainline at Net-A-Porter

13 November 2012

Wishing My Time Away

I have been wasting my time recently deciding what to do when I win the Euromillions. It is a pointless activity but I find it quite fun/deeply depressing (fun when creating the list, depressing when I realise this ain't going to happen). 

I am still revelling in Autumn and therefore created a little seasonal wishlist. It seems to consist mainly of jumpers and expensive ones at that. The cheaper items are ones that I will probably invest in, especially the sequinned skirt from Boohoo.com. I have never bought anything off of Boohoo before but I have seen sequinned skirts like this in AllSaints for about five times the price. I also love, love, LOVE the owl watch from River Island. It is vintage inspired but that kind of crappy kitsch vintage which is so me! And do you really trust me to resist the Chanel nails? I think not.  

Here is a wishlist I created on my lunch break this afternoon. I forgot my bankcard and was forced to survive the day on an apple (I never carry cash and I hate borrowing money) - shock horror!So rather than think about how hungry I was I turned my attention to thinking of the £133million I am winning tonight. Please excuse the crappy photograph, I have a Blackberry which has the world's worst camera. Also excuse the table! I have no idea which nut-case I work with decided to carve into the poor thing like this - scary!

12 November 2012

Read My Lips

Whilst pinning recently I came across this bachelorette idea. I decided it was a fun way to showcase my current lipstick collection. Since last blogging on the subject I have become a bit of a prolific lipstick fan - mostly due to the tighter dress code at work which forces me to look tip top at all times (lipstick is the quickest way to make it look as though you are wearing a lot of make-up even if you aren't). 

My collection is growing slowly but surely. Smushing my lips against a sketchbook doesn't actually do the colours justice. The Chanel 'Brilliant' is actually a very bright scarlet - my fave colour of the bunch. The Revlon 'Plum' is also much more vivid than in this picture. I smooth this one on and then blend with my finger for a stained look. Pale lipsticks do not work on me. They make me look washed out and my teeth slightly yellower than ususal. However, I insist on buying them. nude shades, pale pinks and most recently this lovely lilac from Barry M. 

This shade genuinely looks horrific on me but I have tricked myself into thinking it is cool and will no doubt be wearing it out at some point. 

What this little project has taught me is that I need more bright pink lipsticks in my life. Maybe a bright purple too. I do have a gorgeous YSL pink shade which I can't find. I hope it is not a casualty of my moving house. 

The problem I have with lipsticks is that they wear off quite quickly and leave a horrendous line around my lips which is gross  I don't know if this is a quality issue because it happens with the more expensive brands as well as the cheaper ones. I am going to try Hourglass next as they are notorious for creating products that stay where they are supposed to be. Does anyone else have any recommendations?

11 November 2012

Never Forget 11.11

In Flanders Fields
John McCrae 1915

In Flanders field the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt down, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

I shall be wearing my poppy with pride on this Remembrance Sunday. I may not agree with or like the idea of war but I am extremely thankful to all of those that lost their lives fighting for this country. I know that the poppy is now a symbol for all of the armed forces - past and present - but I tend to remember those who fought in WWI & WWII. I think because the type of warfare, particularly of the Great War is so alien to today it seems particularly barbaric. Thank you everybody who fought for this little island of dreams. x

5 November 2012

Autumn in Bloom

Flowers at the Wild at Heart concession outside Liberty

Now the weather is changing I am stocking up on jumpers like there's no tomorrow. I bought this floral lovely from Warehouse, a shop I haven't been to in years. My manager M-A showed me this jumper as she loves Warehouse and had splurged on this among other things. I was instantly taken with it and thought 'that will be mine'. The jumper is a viscose/cotton mix and feels super soft and comfy. The real thing that made me have to have this though was the silky floral front. The palette is muted and perfect for autumn/winter. 

Jumper, Warehouse, £30.00

In detail...

When I buy a new piece I love trying it with different things to create outfits. I'm thinking of matching with some dark jeans or jeggings, over-the-knee boots, nude nails, and some gold jewellery for a relaxed dinner look. 

3 November 2012

Birthday Jewels

One birthday, four necklaces. That's right, I got four necklaces for my birthday. Too much, you might think. Not me. I love necklaces. I don't really wear much jewellery but I love a good necklace. Here's a little run down of my birthday jewels.

1. This beautiful bee necklace made it all the way to me from France. My lovely friend Mademoiselle Greedy sent it to me from her new life in the land of amazing cheese. I love how it has a vintage vibe to it, the chain is so interesting. 

2. The first of the necklaces from my gorgeous mum. This one is a lovely swallow charm with a heart of gold. I love it. I don't really wear silver jewellery but I really like this and will be wearing it a lot. It is from a charming little shop in Christchurch called Eden. They don't have a website but if you're ever down south, it's worth checking them out for some hidden gems. 

3. I love this necklace. Long and bold it will go so well with all of the black clothes I have. I'm thinking black dress, black tights, black ankle boots, big whopping sparkly necklace. This necklace is also from my mum and Eden. 

4. Another statement necklace, I love this one too. This one is chunky and short in length and will work for day and night. Again from my mum and Eden. 

So thank you to my wonderful amie, B, for my Bee and the best mum in the world for the other three lovelies that will be adorning my neck in the upcoming weeks. 

2 November 2012

Simple Autumn Salad

I have been dreadful with food recently. Having been preoccupied trying to sort out mortgage stuff (OMG I am becoming too much of an adult) I have been grabbing stuff on the go and rushing dinner. When I say rushing dinner, the last two nights in a row this meal has consisted of a Dairylea       Dunker and a cup of tea. Worst. Dinner. Ever. 

So today on a rare day off I decided to scour my fridge for something I can actually make. I went for a little avocado, tomato and beetroot salad with halloumi. This meal is so easy - not quite as easy as a Dairylea Dunker but still very simples. It made me feel good afterwards too as it wasn't loaded with carbs and it actually had some nutritional value. Yom. 

An added bonus was the beautiful Autumn sunset seen from my balcony. It's as if the weather approves of my dinner!