1 October 2012

September Sun

I don't go on too many holidays. The boyf and I have very conflicting schedules so trying to fit a holiday in with each other is tricky. However, we managed it this year by booking two weeks in sunny Cyprus. We jetted off with his family to stay in a gorgeous villa. And so the relaxing ensued. 

I didn't take a proper camera with me so ended up taking a lot of snaps with my iPhone. They turned out really interesting as I used a variety of apps. 

By the pool: We spent quite a lot of time lazing by the villa pool. I don't really do sunbathing so I was usually found under an umbrella with a book. I read a few different things; I might do a little holiday book review later. 

History lesson: Cyprus has quite a few historical sites. Having done a History degree I found this bit of the island fascinating. The Roman ruins were great; I particularly enjoyed the Painted House at Pathos (not actually a painted house but a massive site with houses, mosaics, and an amphitheatre).

The sea: We didn't go to the beach all that much (twice in fact). I didn't mind too much as I hate sand. But the sea, when it's calm and sun speckled, makes me feel peaceful. And you have to get a good sunset shot on holiday, it's the law. 

Holiday style: Raybans, denim shorts, origami jewellery, ice-cream shades and sandals - love wearing holiday clothes. 

I have now decided that I need more holidays in the sun. I had such a chilled time that I was in a great mood for about three days after we got back. Getting back to being stressed is making me think I need a permanent vacation. But where to go...

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  1. Hols look great! Nice photos. I am jealous of your iPhone talents!