22 October 2012

Dad's Day: The End of Summer

I don't see my dad all that often but when I do I always feel as though I have achieved something with my day. We usually soak in some culture, watch a film, have some dinner and catch up on each other's lives. We had our last 'proper' day late in the summer and it was one of the most enjoyable in a while. 

We caught the last of the summer's rays in Soho Square which was fun. My dad actually managed to read a whole book in the space of about an hour. I took pics and shooed away pigeons (I hate pigeons. Pigeons hate and gang up on me).

Dad shoes, daughter shoes. 

Yom! Green tea frozen yogurt from SNOG with fresh strawberries proved a refreshing treat. 

The Mr Brainwash exhibition was a welcome surprise for us culture vultures. Something a bit different for my dad and something right up my alley. 

The day ended with the biggest treat of all in going to visit my dad's friend up at Vogue House. Not half as pretentious as I thought it was going to be it oozed sophistication and made me yearn to work there. Bright and breezy office spaces and corridors clogged with rails and rails of gorgeous fashion, Vogue was all I had imagined and more. 

While at Vogue I was given a bottle of the new Balenciaga fragrance, Florabotanica. The smell is actually really interesting. It smells like being in a forest - really woody but floral at the same time. I get the smell of roses but with a lot more depth. A great gift - thank you Vogue!

I love my days with my dad; they can take some unexpected turns and never fail to be fun. 

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  1. Fab day! Dad's are great. I miss mine! And gorgeous perfume, gotta love freebies. Your London adventures make my day.