15 October 2012

Chocolate Cities

I love the packaging for this Cocomaya chocolate. Being quite a fan of sweet stuff and a sucker for cute wrapping it was quite dangerous for me to go snooping around Liberty's chocolate shop. I went for London and New York as they are my two favourite places in the world - not because I actually read what flavour chocolate was enclosed. 

The 'London' bar was delish. It really did evoke the memory of eating strawberries in the summer and was so creamy it almost melted in the mouth. The 'New York' bar on the other hand was a bit much for me. I find dark chocolate a bit overpowering; no matter what flavours you mix with it they never come through. I sadly had to give this bar to the boyf as he likes dark choc but I kept the cute packaging. 

1 comment:

  1. Looks delicious! I heart strawberries and cream. Send me some?