31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Cat mask, £20, Gisela Graham 

Happy Halloween everyone! I LOVE Halloween. I may not have any parties to go to tonight but I will still be dressing up as a cat. Not of the sexy variety - I don't go in for the whole slutty cat, slutty nurse etc. Although my cat mask is quite sexy. What costumes will you be wearing in front of the TV to party?


29 October 2012

Poem for Spence

Today my beautiful brother would have been 36. This is a poem I wrote when I was travelling in Australia and after a gruelling uphill walk in the sun I saw some wild dolphins in the surf. I was convinced that my brother construed this from the afterlife - dumb, I know, but I was so stressed and it seemed too perfect. 

The sadness I feel for having lost my brother will never go away but I feel so blessed to have had him in my life that I will be eternally happy for the moments we shared. I love you Spence - happy happy birthday. 


28 October 2012

First of the Autumn Outfits

Clockwise from top left:  'Blue My Mind' Nail Polish, H&M, £2.99; 'Lips to Thrill' and 'Dare to Kiss' Lipsticks, H&M, £2.99 each; Del Rey, Mulberry, £795; Cream Jumper, H&M, £14.99, Mustard Skirt, H&M, £3.99; Boots, Topshop, £75,Animal Coin Purse, Primark, £3.99

I love Autumn. It is my favourite season by far. But I absolutely loathe the transition from Summer wardrobe to Autumn. I don't know why but I find it really hard to get it right in the first few weeks. Moving house has made this period even harder this year as all of my autumn/winter clothes are packed away meaning I am left with pastel coloured trousers and t-shirts, sandals, and shorts. Aaaah Autumn wardrobe nightmares!

In the midst of my confusion I trotted off to H&M to gets me some new AW clothes. I gots me a nice warm cream cable knit jumper and mustard coloured basic skirt. Teamed with my old faithful Topshop booties and my ox-blood Del Rey I look a little more Autumn a little less Summer cling-on. And no, your eyes did not deceive you, I did indeed say my 'ox-blood Del Rey'. I decided to treat myself for my birthday after having some major house issues. After much deliberation I went for the red as it's a little different from the norm and looks super classy. LOVE! 

To contrast things up a bit I teamed the ensemble with some bright blue nails. I can never resist buying nail polish in H&M. They put it by the till point to induce an impulse purchase. Even though I know this I fall for it every time. Idiot! 

Now I'm wearing the right clothes I can get on with enjoying the crisp days of my favourite time of year. Cold noses snuggle into scarves while chilly fingers defrost wrapped around a warm hot chocolate. The sun still makes an appearance before it departs for Winter making me smile in its rays. Could not live in a country without seasons. 

22 October 2012

Dad's Day: The End of Summer

I don't see my dad all that often but when I do I always feel as though I have achieved something with my day. We usually soak in some culture, watch a film, have some dinner and catch up on each other's lives. We had our last 'proper' day late in the summer and it was one of the most enjoyable in a while. 

We caught the last of the summer's rays in Soho Square which was fun. My dad actually managed to read a whole book in the space of about an hour. I took pics and shooed away pigeons (I hate pigeons. Pigeons hate and gang up on me).

Dad shoes, daughter shoes. 

Yom! Green tea frozen yogurt from SNOG with fresh strawberries proved a refreshing treat. 

The Mr Brainwash exhibition was a welcome surprise for us culture vultures. Something a bit different for my dad and something right up my alley. 

The day ended with the biggest treat of all in going to visit my dad's friend up at Vogue House. Not half as pretentious as I thought it was going to be it oozed sophistication and made me yearn to work there. Bright and breezy office spaces and corridors clogged with rails and rails of gorgeous fashion, Vogue was all I had imagined and more. 

While at Vogue I was given a bottle of the new Balenciaga fragrance, Florabotanica. The smell is actually really interesting. It smells like being in a forest - really woody but floral at the same time. I get the smell of roses but with a lot more depth. A great gift - thank you Vogue!

I love my days with my dad; they can take some unexpected turns and never fail to be fun. 

15 October 2012

Chocolate Cities

I love the packaging for this Cocomaya chocolate. Being quite a fan of sweet stuff and a sucker for cute wrapping it was quite dangerous for me to go snooping around Liberty's chocolate shop. I went for London and New York as they are my two favourite places in the world - not because I actually read what flavour chocolate was enclosed. 

The 'London' bar was delish. It really did evoke the memory of eating strawberries in the summer and was so creamy it almost melted in the mouth. The 'New York' bar on the other hand was a bit much for me. I find dark chocolate a bit overpowering; no matter what flavours you mix with it they never come through. I sadly had to give this bar to the boyf as he likes dark choc but I kept the cute packaging. 

14 October 2012

Mr Brainwash

During the summer I got a tip off from a very good friend to go and see Mr Brainwash's debut solo UK show. Tipped as a cross between Banksy and Andy Warhol (two artists that I HEART), I was intrigued but a little sceptical. As a result of my scepticism/laziness I didn't end up going to see the exhibition until a date with my dad rolled around on the last day of the show. I worried about taking my dad to see this show; last time he was in town we went to see some Turners at the Tate (an artist who he HEARTS). It turned out I needn't have worried - he loved it! 

Having trudged through the hell that is Oxford Street to find the Old Sorting Office we came to the entrance of the show which was flanked by enormous pieces of Mr Brainwash's work. I was instantly taken in. This is just my sort of thing. 

I like that he sort of turned the streets into an extension of the show. 

These simple pieces were among my faves. I found some of his works were a bit fussy. Having too much screaming at me makes me turn off. I much prefer the simple splashes of colour or repetitive patterns. 

This is an example of something I found to be a bit too fussy. However I did like his nod to two artists that have clearly had a profound influence on his work: Warhol and Basquiat. 

Gotta love a bit of Kate Moss!

Overall I really enjoyed this exhibition. Thanks to my lovely friend J who text me the deets for this. I think I might even go again as the show reopened it's doors on the 12th Oct for a second coming. Check out the Mr Brainwash site for more info and pics. If anyone has any other recommendations, let me know - I promise not to be so sceptical!

1 October 2012

September Sun

I don't go on too many holidays. The boyf and I have very conflicting schedules so trying to fit a holiday in with each other is tricky. However, we managed it this year by booking two weeks in sunny Cyprus. We jetted off with his family to stay in a gorgeous villa. And so the relaxing ensued. 

I didn't take a proper camera with me so ended up taking a lot of snaps with my iPhone. They turned out really interesting as I used a variety of apps. 

By the pool: We spent quite a lot of time lazing by the villa pool. I don't really do sunbathing so I was usually found under an umbrella with a book. I read a few different things; I might do a little holiday book review later. 

History lesson: Cyprus has quite a few historical sites. Having done a History degree I found this bit of the island fascinating. The Roman ruins were great; I particularly enjoyed the Painted House at Pathos (not actually a painted house but a massive site with houses, mosaics, and an amphitheatre).

The sea: We didn't go to the beach all that much (twice in fact). I didn't mind too much as I hate sand. But the sea, when it's calm and sun speckled, makes me feel peaceful. And you have to get a good sunset shot on holiday, it's the law. 

Holiday style: Raybans, denim shorts, origami jewellery, ice-cream shades and sandals - love wearing holiday clothes. 

I have now decided that I need more holidays in the sun. I had such a chilled time that I was in a great mood for about three days after we got back. Getting back to being stressed is making me think I need a permanent vacation. But where to go...