13 July 2012

Nude & Neon Nails

I got the idea for this blog whilst perusing the Nails Inc. website. They currently have a Neon & Nude collection (available here) containing six mini polishes. Three of these are neon and three are nude. I really like idea of the box-set but I feel like the nudes let it down; the shades are muted but they are not what I would consider nude. 

Therefore I decided to create my own little nude and neon combo. I used two Nails Inc Shades that were already in my collection. My fabulous friend bought me the Notting Hill Gate neon pink varnish which I absolutely adore. I think the Basil Street one came free with a bottle of Coke in Boots. I think the two work really well together. I can imagine a Basil Street nude base with a Notting Hill Gate neon tip. Cute. 

Do you have any neon & nude combinations to share?

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