15 July 2012

Red Shoe Diaries

Manolo Blahnik Notebook £5, Liberty; Charlotte Olympia Shoes, £594, Net-a-Porter; McQ Pumps, £260, Selfridges 

Whilst perusing the sales I picked me up this Manolo Blahnik notebook - £5.00 at Liberty. I don't know why exactly but it really inspired me to do some shoe sketching so I made me a little 'shoe' label and gots to painting. 

I love the Charlotte Olympia pumps. The red suede is a real deep berry shade which works nicely with the gold platform. Not really sure I'm that into spending six hundred quid on a pair of shoes though. The McQ pair, whilst still a little pricey, are way more affordable. I love the studs on the back and the dark wooden heel and platform.

Painting all of these red shoes reminded me of the show 'Red Shoe Diaries', the soft porn that aired on Channel Five circa 1998. Does anyone else remember this? It was narrated by David Duchovny and was the raciest thing on terrestrial TV excluding Eurotrash. Weird.

Speaking of red shoes, I picked me up a little treat in Primark the other day...

Why are my feet so veiny? Grosse.

Red Suede Pumps, £12, Primark

I'm thinking black jeans, white tee, leather jacket, red suede shoes. Classic. Maybe a red lip. Maybe not. 

13 July 2012

Nude & Neon Nails

I got the idea for this blog whilst perusing the Nails Inc. website. They currently have a Neon & Nude collection (available here) containing six mini polishes. Three of these are neon and three are nude. I really like idea of the box-set but I feel like the nudes let it down; the shades are muted but they are not what I would consider nude. 

Therefore I decided to create my own little nude and neon combo. I used two Nails Inc Shades that were already in my collection. My fabulous friend bought me the Notting Hill Gate neon pink varnish which I absolutely adore. I think the Basil Street one came free with a bottle of Coke in Boots. I think the two work really well together. I can imagine a Basil Street nude base with a Notting Hill Gate neon tip. Cute. 

Do you have any neon & nude combinations to share?

10 July 2012

Summertime Sadness

I got my red dress on tonight
Dancing in the dark in the pale moonlight
Got my hair up real big beauty queen style
High heels off, I'm feeling alive

I am currently just a little bit obsessed with Lana Del Rey. I don't find her particularly endearing but she is gorgeous and her album, 'Born to Die', is just perfect. 

My fave song on the album is 'Summertime Sadness' which just evokes so many memories of hot summers - Oh! to have a sizzling summer again. I was therefore super glad that she wore her red dress and beauty queen hair at the recent Hackney Weekend. 

Although I love Lana and, it seems, so does everybody else, I was a bit surprised that Mulberry named a bag after her. I guess I feel that you should have been around a bit longer to warrant an iconic bag but as it's Lana I'll let Mulberry off. 

The bag is gorgeous and I want one NOW! I think I might even go for one over a Bayswater or Alexa. The shape is really classy looking, almost doctor bag-ish, with classic Mulberry features. 

Photos from www.mulberry.com

This is why I don't have a decent handbag yet, I'm always changing my bloody mind! I know for sure that I want a Mulberry, just need to knuckle down and pick a style. What do you guys think I should go for? 

1 July 2012

Studs and Rust

VECTRA4 Canvas Studded Slippers, £28.00 from Topshop

Caught in a downpour on Oxford Street with water filling my ballet pumps I realised I needed some new shoes. I have seen the studded Vectra4 pumps on quite a few people around town and so headed off to Topshop to nab a pair. I was a bit disappointed that they were canvas as I'm sure I've seen them in suede or leather but I'm happy with them overall. 

When I got home from work the other day my flatmate looked at my feet and said "Wo! Your slippers have serious attitude". What better reaction could you want from a shoe?

Rust1, Urban Outfitters

I bought this nail polish a little while ago in Urban Outfitters. It was a total impulse buy as I had never seen nail varnish in there before and wanted to try it out. The colour goes on really nicely and is opaque with two coats. I think this rusty colour is quite unique as I haven't seen it anywhere else.  

*Luckily we haven't had too much rain recently as I don't think my new shoes are waterproof.*