19 June 2012

DIY Pearl Sunglasses

Rain clouds have been giving way to some glorious rays of sun recently giving me hope for at least a little British summer heat wave. As a result I have started to carry sunglasses in my bag again. Excuse me whilst I unleash a woo-hoo. 

Bored of the run of the mill glasses on the high street I decided to get a bit creative and make me some unique shades to strut the streets of London. 

I took one pair of sunnies from Primark (£2), a pack of pearls from John Lewis (£1.40), and some Loctite Superglue (approx £3). I bought two pairs of these glasses, one in black, one in a pastel mint green. I was going to stick the pearls onto the green pair as I thought that would work better but they were too cute to experiment with. 

To glue the pearls on to the glasses you can do one of two things:

1. Be patient and careful gluing one by one and holding in place until dry. 

2. Squeeze a thin layer of superglue on half of the plastic frame(starting from the inside). Then kind of balance five or six pearls on before popping some glue on the other half and repeating. 

If you are a patient person then the first method is most definitely best. I opted for the second and kind of rushed which resulted in gluing my fingers together and wasting a couple of pearls. The line of my pearls is a little bit crooked which, had I slowed down a bit, would probably not be an issue. 

I think they are cute. They are a bit different and pearls are totally on trend for this season. 

*NB. Do not put glasses on before they are dry. After taking this photo I had two pearls stuck in my hair and three hairs stuck to the glasses.