14 May 2012

DIY Simple Notebook

With all this rain around I almost don't want to leave the house. I have taken to doing some simple DIY projects to keep me occupied while watching TV. One of my first projects was this easy notebook. I love writing down all manor of things and go through notebooks like milk so making my own is a purse friendly alternative to Moleskine. 

I started by thinking of a theme. Having decided upon general girlyness I chose some pink papers to create the filling. I halved some A4 sheets as I wanted a relatively small book to carry in my bag. 

Next I went through some old magazines to find pictures to decorate the front cover. You can use a sheet of paper for the cover but I went for some thin card (taken from an old cereal box). 

I laid out the pictures and got to gluing. I bound the book by hand sewing it. I would have stapled it but I don't have a long arm stapler! And there you have it, a cute little project to keep you busy on rainy days. Beats walking around getting wet feet. 

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