22 May 2012

Alex Monroe Baby Bee

How doth the little busy bee 

Improve each shining hour
 And gather honey all the day 
From every opening flower!

Not many people know this but my middle name is Bee. Not Bee short for Beatrice or Bob or anything else. It is Bee as in the cute, fluffy, friendly wasp. As a result I love anything with a bee on it. My favourite bee in my wardrobe/jewellery box is without a doubt my Alex Monroe Baby Bee. She was given to me for my birthday last year and I always get favourable comments when I wear her (yes it's a she and she has a personality!). 

As you can probably tell from the background, my bee was purchased at Liberty. You can also buy them from the Alex Monroe website

18 May 2012

Sandcastles in the Sky

Do you wanna go to the seaside?
I'm not trying to say that everybody wants to go
I fell in love at the seaside
I handled my charm with time and slight of hand
Seaside - The Kooks

The boyf and I recently took a trip with a friend and his dog to West Wittering in West Sussex. It was nice to get out of London for a bit but getting stuck in the mud while wearing ballet pumps made me realise I am perhaps 98% city 2% country. 

The seaside was lovely. A fresh breeze, fluffy clouds and the smell of salt in the air. My Hunters got their first airing which was nice (I refuse to wear wellies in the city). They made me feel adventurous - no getting stuck in the mud in those bad boys. 

Highlight was finding a seahorse (the boyf actually found him but I'm sure the seahorse was looking for me). I've never really seen a real seahorse, it was a shame he was dead. Loads of dead crabs around too. Maybe the seaside is a bit more macabre than I thought.

I'm pretty sure the SS12 ocean look didn't come from designers wandering around the British coastline but I found lots of inspiration on my day trip; the his n hers beach huts, the sweeping dunes, the sandcastles left behind, and the view, more than anything the view with those heavenly rays. 

My camera went into overdrive in West Wittering. I fiddled about with the pics a bit at home. I'm into light leaks at the moment if you can't tell. The best free download Pixlr-o-matic allows you to play around with proper camera photos which is ideal for me as I am yet to join the i-phone crew. 

Cosying up to a greasy fish and chips at the end of the day was perfection. Maybe I should leave the city more often.

14 May 2012

DIY Simple Notebook

With all this rain around I almost don't want to leave the house. I have taken to doing some simple DIY projects to keep me occupied while watching TV. One of my first projects was this easy notebook. I love writing down all manor of things and go through notebooks like milk so making my own is a purse friendly alternative to Moleskine. 

I started by thinking of a theme. Having decided upon general girlyness I chose some pink papers to create the filling. I halved some A4 sheets as I wanted a relatively small book to carry in my bag. 

Next I went through some old magazines to find pictures to decorate the front cover. You can use a sheet of paper for the cover but I went for some thin card (taken from an old cereal box). 

I laid out the pictures and got to gluing. I bound the book by hand sewing it. I would have stapled it but I don't have a long arm stapler! And there you have it, a cute little project to keep you busy on rainy days. Beats walking around getting wet feet. 

11 May 2012

Miami Fever

Quite a few of my friends are off to Miami this month which has made me well jel! The rain we are having here has made this even harder to swallow so I thought I would get a slice of the action today by painting my nails this gorgeous shade - 'Miami Peach' by Chanel. The sun came out for me too which was a nice bonus. 

N.B. If anyone would like to whisk me off to Miami, please feel free.