24 October 2011

Liberty National Treasures

I am loving Liberty's National Treasures at the moment. A collection of British greats have been given free reign to create a product for the iconic department store. The result is an eclectic range for all price ranges.

I purchased the soap by Tracey Emin for £10. I know many people don't consider Emin an artist but she inspired me a lot at school and later at university. I feel like I owe a lot to her and it's nice that I can finally afford something that she has done. I fully appreciate that I have spent £10 on a soap that is wrapped in a photocopied poem by the artist but I still feel as though I have bought a piece of "art". 

19 pieces are available in store at affordable price points. There will be an auction for some one-off items such as a Vivienne Westwood crown. The auction ends on 31st October 2011. All proceeds go to charity.

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