21 June 2011

New McQueen Scarf

OK so after being so good and not buying any clothes/shoes/accessories for the past two months, I decide to blow it all on a McQueen scarf. Numerous factors contributed to the purchase. The unusual colour combo may have been enough to tempt me - I love the acid yellow against the muted grey tone - but I was really swayed because of the following:  
  • It was on sale from £220 by 30% (£154)
  • Because it is faulty (there is a slight snag and the label is coming off) it was reduced further to £110
  • With my staff discount on top of this it went down to £71.50
  • I was given a £50 gift card as a staff incentive
  • The scarf therefore actually cost me £21.50!!!!
If number 5 is not reason enough I don't know what is. A McQueen scarf for £20? It had to be done.

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