1 May 2011

Spring Jewels

With my clothes ban entering it's second month I am turning more and more to my unused jewellery box. Here are some gems I found which I bought a while ago but have yet to wear. Drum roll for their debut this May. All are from Primark and cost less than £3. I am also sure that they will all turn my neck a delightful shade of green. Classy.

I like this sail boat. Nautical styles always seem to crop up on the sideline of major trends. I don't tend to go for 'themes' as it were so I may steer clear of stripes and anchors with this one!

I have worn this necklace already and it does indeed turn my neck green. It has also turned into a slightly peculiar colour. Ahh well, that's what you get for £2. I still love it.

Tacky jewellery is my love. This "French" necklace is just my thing. I would've preferred it in a garish yellow gold though.

This is my favourite. The gold is that real trashy yellow that I love while the little teapot and cup is too cute!

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  1. The teapot and cup is SO you, love it!!