9 March 2011

Neon Nails

At school I used to love highlighting my work. Since then I always have highlighters in stock and I use them whenever I can. Imagine my excitement then when I saw the Spring/Summer '11 collections from the likes of Jil Sander and Christopher Kane where neon was the order of the day. Finally a chance to put my pens to the test - some real colouring in!

Imagine my even greater excitement when I found Barry M's Neon range staring back at me in Topshop. To buy or not to buy? Hmmm...Need you ask?

I was being good though, I only bought the pink one. I didn't buy the green because I thought I might already own it and I didn't go for the yellow because I am generally not a fan of yellow nail varnish.

Barry M doesn't have a neon orange as yet so I decided to go for a little Tangerine. Not that I had to have an orange (in fact I already own an orange and an array of corals!), but I feel like this summer a shimmery citrus will set off my look nicely.

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  1. OH PICKLES this has just brought back so many memories. You and your blog are just so amazing. Love hearts <3