22 February 2011

My Blue Suede Shoes

Thank you to my good friend C who introduced me to these shoes. I normally avoid the sales like the plague but this year I sort of embraced them. These high-heeled loafers were one of my star buys. The chunky heel makes them really comfortable and the colour goes with almost anything. On the first night that I wore these they ripped my foot to shreds but I blame myself for not taking appropriate blister precautions.  

15 February 2011


Susie Morton (nee Giggs), aka Doodie. Love of my life, I will miss you forever.xxx

14 February 2011

He Got The Hint!

Thank you to my lovely boyfriend who managed to take my rather large hint and get me another box of scrumptious macaroons. Happy Valentine's everyone. 

8 February 2011

Valentine's Hints

I am hoping that I get some of these Pierre Herme macaroons for Valentine's day. These are the ones I got for my birthday in October and they were amazing. They were light and fluffy and full of interesting flavours. The jasmine flavoured treat is to die for. Mmm...Perfection!