25 January 2011

My Big Fat Gypsy Shoes

Watching Big Fat Gypsy Weddings tonight my laughter turned to horror when I spotted a six year old gyrating around in these shoes. Shoes that I actually own! Shoes that I have actually worn outside of the house! I took some consolation in the fact that they were too big for her. I also wondered if I would be welcomed into the gypsy community based on my good/horrendous taste in shoes? If this is the case I would seriously have to work on my dance moves before any of the gypo lads assaulted me for a kiss.

If, like me, you heart gypsy fashion, may I suggest Big Fat Gypsy Weddings on Channel 4, tuesdays 9pm.
And please, do not judge me by these shoes (although I do frigging love them)!

24 January 2011

Mulberry Dream

Went a bit crazy in the sales and bought this Mulberry Mitzy bag. In my defence I got it for £98 (with staff discount) which is a real bargain for a Mulberry bag. And they are selling them on the Selfridges website for £332! I don't usually go in for sale shopping (sale shoppers literally terrify me), but I'm glad I bought this. It's a great size clutch actually, not too big that it takes over your whole outfit but big enough to fit all the essentials. It also has enough detail to prevent it being a boring add on which I really like. Pretty pleased with myself to be honest! 

21 January 2011

...and Christmas Presents

My main present this year was my Panasonic bridge camera. I chose to get a bridge camera because I wanted SLR quality but with compact ease-of-use. So far it has been going well. It's still a bit complicated for me! I think I need Photography for Dummies or something similar. The boyf got me a Diana F+ as well which I am so excited to use. I have already been eyeing up the accessories though which are going to cost me a small fortune. I really want the 35mm and polaroid back. I have had a look for 120film and it's quite pricey. One reason why my blog fell to the wayside a bit was because I couldn't find the charger for my camera and I don't like using other people's images. So now I have no excuse!

19 January 2011

Christmas Past

OK so my New Year's Resolution to write my blog more often is going well so far! And my first post for 2011 is about the now highly irrelevant Christmas Day 2010. I just can't let go of the only Xmas I've really ever prepared for. I don't know why but I went all out this year. I think it's because I was working in the Christmas section and it got me all fired up way back in September! I'll start posting about 2011 soon I swears it!

My old school parcels went down well.

Tabs! My boyfriend hates this decoration. Probably because it cost me £9 from Liberty. I LOVE it.

More Liberty decorations. This time sale items so not so much anger from the boy.