13 November 2011

Birthday Dinner

Starter: Pan-fried mackerel on a bed of guacamole, ciabatta, and tomato salsa. Served with a gazpacho.

Main Course: Salmon baked in a salt crust. Served with crushed new potatoes and green veg.

Dessert: Tarte Tatin. Yum.

*Birthday Dinner came courtesy of my lovely boyfriend. Who happens to be a chef.

24 October 2011

Liberty National Treasures

I am loving Liberty's National Treasures at the moment. A collection of British greats have been given free reign to create a product for the iconic department store. The result is an eclectic range for all price ranges.

I purchased the soap by Tracey Emin for £10. I know many people don't consider Emin an artist but she inspired me a lot at school and later at university. I feel like I owe a lot to her and it's nice that I can finally afford something that she has done. I fully appreciate that I have spent £10 on a soap that is wrapped in a photocopied poem by the artist but I still feel as though I have bought a piece of "art". 

19 pieces are available in store at affordable price points. There will be an auction for some one-off items such as a Vivienne Westwood crown. The auction ends on 31st October 2011. All proceeds go to charity.

23 October 2011

Sunday Surprise

Thanks to the boyf for bringing me a lovely Sunday treat that was worth breaking my no-sugar diet for!

And thank you Pierre Herme for making the best macarons in the WORLD!

Not sure about the London themed box, a bit touristy for me. Not complaining about the inside though.

9 October 2011

New Mulberry Dreams

All I have been thinking about for the past two weeks is this bag. Move over Alexa, the Bayswater Satchel is now at the top of my wish list.

23 June 2011

Getting Lippy

To be honest, I am not a huge lipstick wearer. I do like it but I'm more of a lipgloss/balm kinda gal. If I do wear lippie I prefer it to be bright. Pink or red will do. The pink YSL one in the pics is also the shade for my blog. I really like this colour and it tends to last quite well because even when it fades, it fades evenly rather than leaving a ghastly lip liner line. Unlike the Chanel red! I don't know why I insist on buying Chanel make-up, I haven't been overly impressed with any of their products. On the advice of a colleague I bought the two Revlon colours. As a former make-up artist I knew I could trust her advice. They are really creamy and have good staying power. I regret getting the lighter pink as it doesn't really suit me. I know a lot of people rock the pale lips thing but I don't get it. The No.7 colour isn't particularly bright but it is a good everyday lipstick as it gives a kind of natural flush colour. If you know of any good brands, let me know. My top priorities are colour choices and lasting power.
So there you go. Installment no.1 from Emma's make-up bag!

21 June 2011

New McQueen Scarf

OK so after being so good and not buying any clothes/shoes/accessories for the past two months, I decide to blow it all on a McQueen scarf. Numerous factors contributed to the purchase. The unusual colour combo may have been enough to tempt me - I love the acid yellow against the muted grey tone - but I was really swayed because of the following:  
  • It was on sale from £220 by 30% (£154)
  • Because it is faulty (there is a slight snag and the label is coming off) it was reduced further to £110
  • With my staff discount on top of this it went down to £71.50
  • I was given a £50 gift card as a staff incentive
  • The scarf therefore actually cost me £21.50!!!!
If number 5 is not reason enough I don't know what is. A McQueen scarf for £20? It had to be done.

27 May 2011

More Shoe Sketches



Miu Miu

Loving the little pops of colour around at the moment. I wear a lot of black, white and grey so i like bold accessories. Neon pink is my current fave although I wish I was brave enough to rock neon green.

22 May 2011

My New Obsession - Rene Gruau

As an avid lover of fashion illustration I am slightly ashamed that I only heard of Rene Gruau last year. I went to see the exhibition of his work for Dior at Somerset House and was truly inspired. He really captures the essence of Dior. Fashion photography has pushed illustration to the sidelines and, although there is still a market, it is nowhere near as lucrative as it once was. I think this is a real shame as Gruau shows just how beautiful illustrations can be and just how effective they can be - his drawings make me want Dior clothes and cosmetics more than many of their current advertising campaigns! Here are some of my favourite pics from the brochure.


1 May 2011

Spring Jewels

With my clothes ban entering it's second month I am turning more and more to my unused jewellery box. Here are some gems I found which I bought a while ago but have yet to wear. Drum roll for their debut this May. All are from Primark and cost less than £3. I am also sure that they will all turn my neck a delightful shade of green. Classy.

I like this sail boat. Nautical styles always seem to crop up on the sideline of major trends. I don't tend to go for 'themes' as it were so I may steer clear of stripes and anchors with this one!

I have worn this necklace already and it does indeed turn my neck green. It has also turned into a slightly peculiar colour. Ahh well, that's what you get for £2. I still love it.

Tacky jewellery is my love. This "French" necklace is just my thing. I would've preferred it in a garish yellow gold though.

This is my favourite. The gold is that real trashy yellow that I love while the little teapot and cup is too cute!

27 April 2011

Feeling Fruity

So the sun is shining and I am in the mood to ditch my black wardrobe of winter in favour of something a bit more colourful. Unfortunately my work uniform consists entirely of black - including tights! So when you pass girls wearing all black and think "corr, she must be boiling", you are 100% correct - we are sweltering. 

I made a promise this month that I would not buy any clothes being that all my wages get passed to the Great British High-Street. Having stuck to this rigidly I have had to update some of the slightly older pieces in my wardrobe. I find the best way to do this is by clever accessorising. I have been wearing this apple brooch a lot recently in a nod to the fruity trends showcased by Prada and Stella McCartney. Prada bananas it's not but I kinda like it. Plus it was only £2 from Primark.

9 March 2011

Neon Nails

At school I used to love highlighting my work. Since then I always have highlighters in stock and I use them whenever I can. Imagine my excitement then when I saw the Spring/Summer '11 collections from the likes of Jil Sander and Christopher Kane where neon was the order of the day. Finally a chance to put my pens to the test - some real colouring in!

Imagine my even greater excitement when I found Barry M's Neon range staring back at me in Topshop. To buy or not to buy? Hmmm...Need you ask?

I was being good though, I only bought the pink one. I didn't buy the green because I thought I might already own it and I didn't go for the yellow because I am generally not a fan of yellow nail varnish.

Barry M doesn't have a neon orange as yet so I decided to go for a little Tangerine. Not that I had to have an orange (in fact I already own an orange and an array of corals!), but I feel like this summer a shimmery citrus will set off my look nicely.

22 February 2011

My Blue Suede Shoes

Thank you to my good friend C who introduced me to these shoes. I normally avoid the sales like the plague but this year I sort of embraced them. These high-heeled loafers were one of my star buys. The chunky heel makes them really comfortable and the colour goes with almost anything. On the first night that I wore these they ripped my foot to shreds but I blame myself for not taking appropriate blister precautions.  

15 February 2011


Susie Morton (nee Giggs), aka Doodie. Love of my life, I will miss you forever.xxx

14 February 2011

He Got The Hint!

Thank you to my lovely boyfriend who managed to take my rather large hint and get me another box of scrumptious macaroons. Happy Valentine's everyone.