20 November 2010

Losing Love For My Longchamp

I don't know why but I have recently been going off of my Longchamp Le Pliage bag. I think it's because now that I have one (two actually - is that excessive?), I've been noticing them everywhere. And while not everything I own has to be individual and one-of-a-kind, I would like to see less than five a day.  The problem I have is that it is such a good size for all the crap I carry around and I just can't find an affordable, suitable replacement handbag.

I'd quite like a Le Pliage like this white, Dessinee embroidered one. Featuring original designs by French illustrator Robert Wagt, they are quite intricate and a lot less likely to be seen on the arms of others during the daily commute. I also saw a girl on the tube with one embroidered with a cityscape and that was pretty cool too. Like I said, I really like the shape of the bag and the larger one I have is really handy for weekends or nights away. I think what really killed it for me was walking behind a woman who the exact one I had and it was quite embarrassing.

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  1. Love your blog, I too have about 4 longchamp bags!