18 October 2010

Nails Inc Sample Sale

This blog seems to have turned into one about nail varnish which I apologise for but I seem to have gone crazy for the stuff. As I was walking down South Molton St on the way to work I saw a board outside the Nails Inc store saying "sample sale". I was instantly attracted by the thought and so, last Saturday, I dragged two friends along to see what sort of bargains they were offering. As it was the last day of the sale we kind of got the dregs of the stock and were ushered into the back where some poor women were trying to have a relaxing manicure. There wasn't too much left but I managed to buy the set above which has four nice colours for autmn/winter: a deep purple, dusky pink, a pale nudey, and a hot pink for fun! I got these four for £10 which isn't bad considering they usually go for about that each. Then I couldn't resist the new icy blue Portobello Rd which I saw in Glamour magazine. Love it!

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