10 October 2010

Fashion's Night Out: London Style

First stop: CHANEL

The first port of call for me and my friend Megan was the Chanel stand in Selfridges. I was shocked to see the Khaki range on sale and instantly snapped up all three despite only really wanting the Khaki Vert. The massive queue of people waiting to get their nails did sort of pushed me into the impulse buy and, when the sales woman said they had nearly sold out 5 minutes into the event, I felt fully justified.

We didn't join the never-ending queue to get a mini-mani, opting to get our lips done instead. Because I love Chanel I was put in the deep red "Coco" shade which actually looked alright. A nice touch was the photo booth which took four snaps for you and your buddy to take away for FREE! It was really good fun and we were allowed two goes to get a set of photies each. Our only mistake was turning on the wind machine which was way more powerful than expected.

One of the downsides to our Chanel experience was being made to feel like an actual criminal for taking the three photos above. God, the over-tanned assistant gave me a right rollocking. I thought 'I've just spent over £60 on your products, we're all here for a good night, don't ruin it with your appalling customer services you witch.' However, I just smiled and said "sorry" as I am polite.

Another flaw was being made to wait for ages to get our lips done when we had been at the front of the queue and some woman who was probably very important in the Chanel cosmetics selling process kept pushing people in front of us. Again, not great customer services from either the Chanel or Selfridges team.

Other than those negatives it was quite a fun little set-up they had going on and they were by far the most popular section in the beauty department.


The Mulberry section was a bit daunting as there were bouncers and what appeared to be a guest list. However, we decided just to stroll in, grab a little bottle of champagne, browse and stroll back out. The little bottles of champagne were quite ridiculous as they had straws in which caused the bubbles to come spilling over the top grand-prix style. It happened to everyone and I couldn't help thinking what a stupid idea that was around such expensive bags.
Dotted around the place were masks and books which I asked if we could take. I was told that we could so...I did. I then got a very scary shock when I was pulled aside by the bouncer who had to verify that I could indeed take such precious items. Not the best experience but it was nice to look at the bags and feel a bit more relaxed than usual.


I really enjoyed it in Marc By Marc Jacobs. The atmosphere was a bit hipper, a bit less staid than in Selfridges and in general more chilled. There were some really affordable little nick-nacks like the lipstick pen, the wishbone necklace and the i luv u necklace, all for £3 each. Plus we got a free t-shirt and free drinks had we wanted them. Also there was another photo opportunity which was fun.

We had planned to go into Louboutin but as we walked past it looked a bit daunting. FNO is definately a night I'd recommend. Next year I just hope I don't have a holiday booked for the next day so that I can take full advantage of what this great city has to offer us fashion lovers.

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