1 September 2010

RIP Corinne Day

I was just browsing online and came across the news that photographer Corinne Day died on Friday aged 48. I am in shock. She is probably the person who had the deepest impact on my creative life which shaped a lot of who I am today. I can't quite believe it. When I was doing my GCSE in art I saw a program on TV about her Diary exhibition and from that moment forward my own artwork became very gritty and sometimes offensive. I drew a pair of bloodied knickers (it was actually a series of very good charcoal drawings) because she had taken a similar photograph. Although she will probably be most remembered for launching Kate Moss' career and her further collaborations with the model, I will remember her most for the inspiration she gave me in her book Diary which I am still trying to get hold of for a reasonable price (Amazon and Ebay are ridiculous!).

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