7 September 2010

New Primark Jumper

This is my new Primark jumper that I bought in the sale. The SALE! Who knew Primark had a sale? So it cost me a fiver. I was going to buy it before when it was £9 but the fabric is so wrong I thought better of it. But for £5 I thought it was OK. These pics don't really convey just how coarse the material is, I'm pretty sure it's no form of wool. But I think it fits in with the prim, ladylike 50s trend for A/W, especially with a skinny belt and 3/4 length skirt. Think I might buy some long gloves too because I quite liked this look at Louis Vuitton.

My Addiction

I realised I had a problem with nail varnish a little while ago. Today I realised it was a serious addiction as I made a special trip to search for cheap versions of the new Chanel Khaki range. I couldn't find a suitable copy but I still managed to buy two new nail polishes. How did this happen? My habit is quite clearly out of control and for this I blame Barry M.

Lined up like a little army.

Models Own is a relatively new brand to me but I am already getting obsessed. They are currently two for £8 in Boots and they have a really cute pastel reange that is quite unique. Yes I am still fashioning pastels despite winter coming and the need for a stronger, fuller nail palette. I'm not ready to give up on our pathetic summer just yet.

Beauty UK is another brand of polish that I am unfamiliar with but I really liked this lilac shade which I hadn't seen anywhere else before. Argh, a new collection to keep my eye on!

This is why I blame Barry M!

These three colours here show why Barry M are so good. They have taken three sell-out Chanel colours (from left: Jade, Nouvelle Vague, and Particuliere) and copied them pretty much exactly. Their own version of Particuliere, Mushroom, took me ages to find as it had sold out as well which is ridiculous as that isn't even a limited edition Chanel colour. 

They are pretty much the exact same colour. On my nails, the Barry M is on the left and as you can see they come out pretty identical. Why I have both when they are exactly the same is a question I shouldn't ask myself! I also stockpiled so have two of the Barry M ones. Oops!

My addiction is far from being cured. Especially with new Chanel shades being created to tempt me. I'm loving the new A/W shade that go live on friday. Unfortunately I will be in Portugal so I shall have to get a friend to kindly purchase them for me or I shall have to wait for Barry M to weave their £2.95 magic. Incidentally I'm not going to waste my time with Khaki Brun. It looks exactly like Particuliere and as I've already mentioned, I have enough of this to last for a long time. The other two are a different story. 

1 September 2010

RIP Corinne Day

I was just browsing online and came across the news that photographer Corinne Day died on Friday aged 48. I am in shock. She is probably the person who had the deepest impact on my creative life which shaped a lot of who I am today. I can't quite believe it. When I was doing my GCSE in art I saw a program on TV about her Diary exhibition and from that moment forward my own artwork became very gritty and sometimes offensive. I drew a pair of bloodied knickers (it was actually a series of very good charcoal drawings) because she had taken a similar photograph. Although she will probably be most remembered for launching Kate Moss' career and her further collaborations with the model, I will remember her most for the inspiration she gave me in her book Diary which I am still trying to get hold of for a reasonable price (Amazon and Ebay are ridiculous!).

Trying On At M&S

Trying stuff on when you have no money is kind of like punishment. While in M&S the other day I tried on this cute dress which I fell in love with. Being unemployed at the mo means that I can't really justify the £60 price tag even though it's super flattering and on trend for this season. M&S actually have some quite good clothes in for this season and they aren't too badly priced either. I took about 20 items to the changing rooms including some very questionable velvet dresses which, despite my reservations, actually worked in a quirky Carrie Bradshaw way. Get down to your local Marks to check out the good or shop online here.