19 August 2010

Lusting for Mulberry

While going for a job interview in Westfield I was stopped short by this display case. I love these Mulberry Margaret bags and seeing as my birthday is coming up I'm trying to persuade people to invest for my future! I love the grape one but I think the black leather is more practical and it could go with anything. I still want the Alexa and maybe a Bayswater but I think the Margaret has shot to the top of my list just because it's a bit more fun. I love the crest "We believe in Tea and Cake", and the cute little bulldogs - very British, very ME! If, unlike me, you can afford one of these lovelies, check out the online shop. There's a bit about the history of the brand on there too which is interesting. Now maybe I should start a facebook page and get everyone to pledge a pound for my cause...

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