15 August 2010

Burberry Sketches

I'm visiting my mum in Mudeford at the moment and believe me there are slim style pickins. I'm sure there are some stylistas down here but everyone I have encountered seems unable to walk on their own let alone dress themselves! It's not all dull, I have been reunited with my art stuff left here from my St Martin's days so I decided to do some sketches. I love the Burberry jacket and I may actually attempt to pull this look off when it gets to proper winter. I'd probably just team with skinny jeans and a vest, (I can hear you all yawning from here!), so that the jacket can speak for itself. Anyway, I decided to sketch the jacket to give you something to look at other than the endless catwalk shots that are making the rounds. Sketches are a bit rough as I'm out of practice but nevermind.  Can't wait to get back to London now where there are actual shops!

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